A unified voice for the investment fund industry

The Swedish Investment Fund Association works to promote a sound industry that operates in the best interests of savers. Fund saver satisfaction is a prerequisite of a successful industry.

The Swedish Investment Fund Association has almost 50 member companies that collectively manage approximately 90 per cent of fund-based saving in Sweden. The membership is diverse, including fund management companies of different sizes and with different orientations, and the Association also has numerous associate member companies operating in related sectors.

Right from its founding date, back in 1979, the Association’s mandate has been to promote and protect the common interests of fund savers and fund management companies.

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Strong saver protection is a must

Funds have been a natural component of Swedes’ savings for many years now and are an important part of many people’s personal finances. Saving in funds should be simple and secure, and we promote and protect accessibility, freedom of choice, and diversity in terms of funds and fund management companies. We also work to ensure a high level of consumer protection in the fund market.

The industry needs long-term regulation

The fund market should be characterised by stable rules that ensure healthy competition on a level playing field. The Association monitors legislative work that affects the investment fund industry and acts as a referral body at both national and EU level. We have extensive contacts with decision-makers, authorities, and the media, and have a well-established international network. The Association’s numerous working groups are at the heart of our operations.

Collectively, the Association acts as a strong and unified voice for the entire investment fund industry, and for fund savers.

Key issues

Our work focuses on:

  • strengthening confidence in fund-based saving
  • working to ensure optimum conditions in the Swedish investment fund market
  • help generate solutions to society’s savings requirements 
  • promote transparency in relation to sustainable savings 

Members of the Swedish Investment Fund Association can help influence these and other issues by taking part in the Association’s various working groups. These groups work in such areas as legal issues, pensions, sustainability, ownership issues, fund trading, and reporting.

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