International work

A large part of our financial legislation comes from the EU. Monitoring this legislative process offers the opportunity to influence the legislative formulation.

The Swedish Investment Fund Association has established an international network and is engaged in industry cooperation at the European level.

 The Association responds on a rolling basis to Consultations issued by the European Commission and organisations such as EFAMA (the European Fund and Asset Management Association), IOSCO (the International Organization of Securities Commission), ESMA (the European Securities and Markets Authority), etc.

EFAMA represents the European investment fund industry

The Swedish Investment Fund Association’s international work is conducted both through its own contacts and through the European Fund and Asset Management Association, EFAMA. EFAMA is a representation body for the European asset management industry, and the Swedish Investment Fund Association, and our sister organisations from many other European countries, are members.

EFAMA works to mould opinion and to engage in active exchanges of information with both the EU’s institutions and representatives of the various member states. The Swedish Investment Fund Association’s engagement in EFAMA’s work includes representation on EFAMA’s Board of Directors and participation in several working groups.

The organisation’s overall goals include working to ensure strong investor protection by promoting integrity, professionalism, and high ethical standards in the industry. EFAMA also endeavours to work towards the realisation of a vision of an internal European asset management market. The organisation also supports increased pricing and quality competition within the industry, and works continuously to improve regulations and legal terms.

EFAMA also sees itself as a “guardian” of the globally accepted fund directive, UCITS – a brand that stands for high levels of investor protection. EFAMA provides statistics and reports on the European fund market.


Global cooperation through IIFA

The Association is also a member of the International Investment Fund Association, IIFA, a global cooperation organisation for investment fund associations worldwide. IIFA’s mandate includes:

  • strengthening protection for investors in investment funds
  • facilitating international growth in the investment fund industry
  • acting as a medium for increasing understanding of fund management worldwide, and 
  • promoting high ethical standards in the industry.