Fondforum: Sustainability labels for investment funds

With guests Carol Thomas, The Investment Association and Per Sandell, Ecolabelling Sweden.

Welcome to a seminar where we will learn about the new UK Sustainability Disclosure Requirements (SDR) that was recently presented by the UK regulator. A central part of the package is a new labelling regime that might inspire the EU commissions initiative to reform the European Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR). We will discuss the Swedish fund industry’s input on the SFDR consultation and hear about the experience gained by Nordic Swan’s labelling of sustainable funds.

Carol Thomas, Head of Sustainability and Responsible Investment, The Investment Association
Per Sandell, Business Area Manager Financial Services, Ecolabelling Sweden
Angelica Thornquist Lavicka, Senior Legal Council, Swedish Investment Fund Association
Moderator: Fredrik Nordström, CEO, Fondbolagens förening

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