Fund distribution - how Covid-19 speeds up the role of technology

Winning asset managers of tomorrow will embrace the role of technology in asset management distribution — partly to deliver efficiency, but mostly to deliver a better client experience at scale — helping them acquire and retain more clients.

Innovation and progress in technology rapidly transform the distribution of goods and services leading to more personalized interaction with individual customers. At the same time, Covid-19 has accelerated a shift to a new environment that minimizes in-person engagement.

Most asset management firms have failed to keep up with the technological evolution, making only incremental changes to address new buyer needs thus far. Managers that place technology, along with enterprise-wide initiatives designed to transform the entire distribution organization, at the center of distribution strategy can enjoy dramatic improvements in distribution efficiency across multiple metrics while enhancing client experience.


Fredrik Nordström, CEO Swedish Investment Fund Association


Jonathan Doolan, Head of EMEA, Casey Quirk Jenny Holmgren, Senior Consultant, Casey Quirk
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