Medlemsseminarium: What about net zero funds?

Vi gästas av Cristina Cella, rådgivare avdelningen för finansiell stabilitet, Riksbanken.

Welcome to a member seminar on Swedish equity mutual funds' adaptation to the Paris Agreement together with Cristina Cellas, advisor at the Systemic Risk Division of the Financial Stability Department, Riksbanken.

In Cristina's staff memo Taking their temperature: Swedish mutual funds and the Paris Agreement, she presents the results of a study of 122 Swedish equity mutual funds. Based on information provided by the Carbon4Finance Carbon Impact Analytics platform, Cristina establishes that the examined funds, on average, make adjustments that correspond to a temperature increase of 2,77°C. This means that they exceed the upper limit of the Paris Agreement. The results also show that there is no significant difference between funds that have joined climate initiatives or have a "Low Carbon Designation" label from Morningstar. Furthermore, she has also investigated how the size and geographical location of the funds affect their adaptability, as well as their exposure to companies with different transition risk profiles. Listen to her talk more about her research and which conclusions that can be drawn.

Frallor och kaffe serveras från 08.45.


Länk till staff memo: Taking their temperature: Swedish mutual funds and the Paris Agreement.



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