Webinar: Liquidity analysis in a stressed and uncertain bond market

In this seminar Bloomberg will present a solution for Liquidity Assessment (LQA) they have developed. We will focus on the bond market and apply the metrics on different portfolios and scenarios.

We will discuss:
- the impact on liquidity under a repeat covid scenario
- how the Swedish market comes out compared to other markets within the EU
- how green bonds are impacted compared to non-green bonds
- how a fund manager can run liquidity stresses to see the impact on the speed to liquidate part/all of the portfolio

John Morton - European Regulatory and Fixed Income Specialist
Peter Reel - Fixed Income Workflow Specialist
Fergus Trenholme - Liquidity Product Manager, all from Bloomberg
Per Lilja, Head of Credit, Swedbank Robur
Fredrik Nordström, CEO, Swedish Investment Fund Association

Very welcome!


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