New savings and net assets of funds (monthly statistics)

Every month, the Swedish Investment Fund Association presents statistics showing fund savings in Sweden. The data offers the most comprehensive source of information on fund savings in the Swedish market. The statistics are published on or around the 10th of each month.

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Scope of the statistics

The monthly statistics include data on net flows and net assets from member companies for both Sweden- and foreign-registered funds, broken down by fund type. Funds distributed within the member companies’ corporate groups are also, by and large, included, as are all premium pension funds. The statistics show fund sales in Sweden, while sales abroad are excluded.

As of 2010, the data on net flow and net assets are broken down into the following fund types: equity funds, mixed funds, long-term fixed income funds, short-term fixed income funds, hedge funds, and other funds. Equity funds are also broken down by investment orientation and have an index funds subcategory. Mixed funds and long-term fixed income funds also, as of 2014, have generation funds and corporate bond funds subcategories, respectively. 

The Swedish Investment Fund Association does not produce statistics at company level. 

New savings and net assets of funds statistics

New Savings and Net Assets 2022

Equity funds 2022

New Savings and Net Assets 2021

Equity funds 2021

New Savings 1994-2021

New Savings and Net Assets 2020

Equity funds 2020

New Savings and Net Assets 2019

Equity funds 2019

Yearly report 2018

New Savings and Net Assets 2018

Equity funds 2018

Yearly report 2017

New Savings and Net Assets 2017

Equity funds 2017

Yearly report 2016

New Savings and Net Assets 2016

Equity funds 2016

New Savings and Net Assets 2015

Equity funds 2015

New Savings and Net Assets 2014

Equity funds 2014

New Savings and Net Assets 2013

Equity Funds 2013

New Savings and Net Assets 2012

Equity funds 2012

New Savings and Net Assests 2011

Equity funds 2011

New Savings and Net Assets 2010

Equity funds 2010

New savings in funds 1994-2009

Here you find earlier statistics about the new saving in funds. The monthly statistics covers net flows from the member companies from both Sweden and foreign-registered funds split by type of fund. Up to and including 1999 the statistics are divided into equity funds, balanced funds and fixed income funds.

From year 2000 and onwards, the statistics are split by equity funds, balanced funds, bond respectively money markets funds, and other funds.

New fund savings 2009

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